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About Key Bars

Key Bars produces the best tasting keto bars available.  Our ketogenic nutrition bars are True Keto, which means that every delicious bar is high fat with moderate protein and very low carbs.  Check out the nutrition panel and wholesome ingredients to compare with other leading brands, and you can see the difference.  Did we mention, No Added Sugar?  That's right we do not add sugar, but we do use a sweetener that does not leave any bad aftertaste and does not cause any gastric distress, and has 0 net calories.  Give Key Bars a try, because you can see and taste the difference without compromising your ketogenic lifestyle.

So what are the KEY Points that are important to a truly ketogenic snack bar?

TASTE IS IMPORTANT - Our keto bars have a rich and satisfying flavor. Not too sweet, without any bitterness. We've designed our bars to have a soft texture and bold flavor, with a mild sweetness that's well balanced.

HIGH FAT • LOW CARB • MODERATE PROTEIN - If you're on a ketogenic diet, then low net carbs are the most important aspect for keeping blood sugar steady without spiking insulin levels. Overloading on protein doesn't help either, since excess protein is converted into glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis.

NO FIBER FILLERS OR PROTEIN POWDER - You won't find any cheap protein powders on our ingredient list. We don't bulk our bars up with inulin, chicory root or tapioca fiber. So no worries about being gassy after enjoying this bar.

NO AFTERTASTE - No artificial sweeteners and no Stevia that leave behind any aftertaste.

PLANT BASED • GLUTEN FREE • NON-GMO • VEGAN • SOY FREE • WHEAT FREE • NO SUGAR ADDED - Clean nutrition and simple ingredients are key. Our bars are made with only a handful of ingredients that will sate your appetite, and leave you feeling light on your feet.


Key Bars are True Keto!

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